Sunday, December 27, 2015

Episode 9 - Celebrate!

Word of the Day - Celebrate

Why Leslie thinks it is silly to be offended when someone wishes you a happy holiday.
"Breaking Up Christmas" - An Appalachian tradition
Old Christmas
Appalachian Christmas Folklore
When Americans didn't celebrate Christmas
Boxing Day
Yaida and Mithril
DŇćngzhi Festival

A Little Sweet...

Leslie is working on Quill by Jared Flood from Brooklyn Tweed's Spring Thaw Collection
Hap Shawl history

A Little Tart...

Stories of a West Virginia Family

A celebration of family and childhood in the 50s and 60s in West Virginia.


“When we are content and secure in ourselves, it leaves with having no desire to set ourselves up as superior to anyone else. When we simply celebrate our own individuality we allow others to do the same.” - Angie Karan Krezos

“The role of Cherishing in Bereavement - I think that the key to healthy grieving is to cherish those who have passed on, so that you celebrate their lives and the times you did have together with thankfulness, instead of trying to cling on and wish that things were different. I believe that you should let them go in peace with love, not try to hang on to their spirits, just hold the precious moments gently in your heart.”   - Jay Woodman

A Little Unexpected...

A profound joke and a special Christmas letter.

Your hosts wind things up and Beth gets put on the spot for the word of the day for next time.

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Reverie (small theme)
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