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Episode 21: A Passion for Paper
Episode 22: The Importance of Post Offices
Episode 23: One Year Anniversary
Episode 24: Southern Revolutionary War History and Collecting Bookseller's Labels
Episode 25: Achieving Your Bucket List
Episode 26: Boobs in Space
Episode 27: Those Powerful Influences
Episode 28: Photographs and Memories
Episode 29: Breaking Up Christmas
Episode 30: Old Age and Eldercare Are Not for Sissies
Episode 31: Lending Hands and Hearts
Episode 32: Perceptions of Worth
Episode 33: Words We Love to Hate
Episode 34: Author! Author!
Episode 35: Out on a Limb
Episode 36: What We Learned From Nancy Drew
Episode 37: Aussie Girls Speak Out
Episode 38: The Boys Are Back In Town
Episode 39: So What Are Bitcoins?
Episode 40: Memories Are Made of This
Episode 41: Catching Up in Meadows of Dan
Episode 42: The Electricity of God
Episode 43: Whimsy and Wisdom
Episode 44: A Mix and a Madness
Episode 45: Sacrifice and Grace
Episode 46: Catching Up
Episode 47: Life a Story
Episode 48: A Good Day for Ducks
Episode 49: Women and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Episode 50: Special Songs, Special Meanings
Episode 51: The Blessing of Trees
Episode 52: It's a Jungle Out There
Episode 53: Tragedy in Appalachia
Episode 54: Stay Put, Stay Well
Episode 55: Life in the Time of Corona

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