Friday, June 11, 2021

Episode 57: The 100 Year Community

 And after a long COVID virus hiatus, we're back, finally, with another episode.

A Little Sweet...

Leslie and a friend invested in an Addi King Express knitting machine

A Little Tart...

Blue Ridge Parkway by Beth Almond Ford

Cabins near Rock Castle by Beth Almond Ford

Leslie has been taking part in a long term project featuring the history of the community where her grandmother grew up. A new project includes a documentary of the region that includes many of the local descendants of Rock Castle inhabitants. Not only is the area full of history, it's a beautiful location for hiking.

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  1. Love the podcast ladies.. Hey Beth haven't seen you in awhile, hope all is well. Ms Leslie we will be up that way again 4th of July... See you soon!!

    1. We'll look forward to seeing you! Hopefully you can connect with Beth!