Friday, August 14, 2015

Episode 1 - Welcome to Quince!

Please be kind, as we learn about podcasting and putting on an internet radio show!

The word of the day is: QUINCE

Beth tells us the meaning of the word quince and the girls describe what the podcast will be about. Leslie emphasizes that there will be talk about knitting, handspinning and creating things and Beth points out that much will be made of books, collectibles and postcards. The girls introduce themselves, their occupations and families, and the lovely area, Meadows of Dan, Virginia, where they live and work.

Mabry Mill at Meadows of Dan, Virginia
Leslie tells her favorite joke and mention is made of bluegrass music and her famous brother, Sammy Shelor, of the Lonesome River Band. Ages are confessed and Beth tells the story of her father and how he wrote a book about his life as a country doctor.  The big finish is accomplished and your hosts will return in two weeks with another episode of Quince.

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Intro music attribution

Ave by Alex featuring Morusque


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  2. Sounds like a wonderful place to live. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to your next discussion on light.

  3. Loved the Podcast Leslie and Beth, can't wait to hear the next one and hope to get back up your way one more time before winter sets in! :)

  4. Love listening to your new adventure...will be a faithful follower :) Great!

  5. Thank you, really enjoyed listening. I'm in New Jersey but have lots of family in Meadows of Dan (Barnard) so this made me feel at home. Look forward to future podcasts!

  6. Thanks for the support! We're really enjoying the process of podcasting and appreciate the feedback.

  7. Awesome!! Loved listening to every minute of your Quince Podcast and by the way you both have lovely voices.

  8. Totally enjoyed this and have subscribed to your site! Thank you for creating this and sharing!~ G