Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Thoughts - August 16, 2016

"What is life but one long risk?"
Dorothy Canfield Fisher
Risk is a difficult concept for those who are cautious (which is most of us) to embrace. The 'planners' amongst us do everything possible to reduce risks - schedules, maps, study, practice, imagining, weighing odds, engineering, etc. We are very thankful the designers of roller coasters, for example, reduce all risks. We exercise, eat healthily, have regular check-ups. Many invest for retirement and future security. Yet, with all our scheming and dreaming, life is still one long risk. ĂŽllness (I personally think of the retina detaching...) creeps or slams into our lives. Relationships break up, out of the blue or from bad choices long ago. Stock markets plunge and robbers scam. Accidents of all kinds happen and people we love die. Yet (yet another yet!), we are in the midst of our lives and there is no getting off until the final stop. So we either embrace risk and meet it head on or we despair and lament and blame. And there is something else to consider, of course....the Spirit who comes along for the ride with us and turns the risks into an adventure and a gift. - Beth Almond Ford

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