Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thoughts - August 18, 2016

"True humility doesn't consist of thinking ill of yourself but of not thinking of yourself much differently from the way you'd be apt to think of anybody else. It is the capacity for being no more and no less pleased when you play your own hand well than when your opponents do."- Frederick Buechner
Being humble (or the attempt to be!) is an important tenet of my particular religious beliefs. There are dozens of mentions about humility in the scriptures, which are helpful in trying to figure out just what is meant. Obviously becoming a groveling, cloying, insincere Uriah Heep type of person who spouts his own humbleness does no one any good. Reaching a balance of self-confidence and yet an ability to recognize the worth of others is not always easy. Holding one's tongue and temper is a good start. For me, recognizing my "power" comes from the Spirit and not a result of my own doings, is amother good start. My job is to build others up, not myself. Though it can be painful to watch someone play a full house over my two pairs (or see others succeed or simply do well), that is the very time to recognize it is 'not about me.' In my faith, I have absolutely nothing to prove. I am, and always will be, Loved. - Beth Almond Ford

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