Monday, August 8, 2016

Thoughts - August 8, 2016

When I can look Life in the eyes, / Grown calm and very coldly wise, / Life will have given me the Truth, / And taken in exchange---my youth. -Sara Teasdale, poet (8 Aug 1884-1933).

As I sit here on the porch (in a sweater, on a glorious rainy August morning, on a day I have no bless-ed place I have to be....), I find myself teasing apart each line of this poem. Looking Life in the eyes obviously holds much gratefulness to me after last year's detached retina and multiple eye surgeries. Literally and otherwise. I'm not so sure about the calm part, but have grown more so than any other time in my life......and wisdom I would appreciate, but "coldly" scares me. How detached does one desire to be to reach a point of cold wisdom? Although my youth is long past in a physical sense, I still cling to its remnants and memories in a fond way, perhaps holding too tightly. I have yet to figure out all the Truths. There are many truths, I think - there is Purpose, Love, Creation, just to name a few. - Beth Almond Ford

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