Monday, October 10, 2016

Thoughts - October 10, 2016

"My hope is that solid history will replace popular myths about the man who did not discover America but surely did open it, for better and for worse, to a substantial remaking. His is a story of high adventure and deep darkness." William Least Heat-Moon, "Columbus In The Americas"
I have this book on my shelf (the author is a friend), but I must admit that what I know about Columbus is more of the myth kind of knowledge. So much of what most of us know about history is the first few inches of a very deep pool. I say this as someone who has "Historical" in her job title and spends more time than most with my head in the past. Christopher Columbus and his exploration of America (the Americas), continues to effect who and what we are today. Hence, a National holiday. Just for fun, try and see if there is something new you can learn about this explorer - or, at least, why he is honored with a holiday bearing his name! - Beth Almond Ford

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