Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Thoughts - October 19, 2016

"What we have here is a type of logical fallacy called a false equivalence, a statement where two opposing arguments appear, at first blush, to be logically equivalent when they actually are not." Ben Williams, journalist, Martinsville (VA) Bulletin.
The term "false equivalence" is a new one to me, but the concept, of course, is not. Apples and Oranges, as many would say. A shallow argument is what I usually think. People sling these statements all over the place and folks often don't think them through to the logical conclusion. It worries me. We all sometimes have those "duh, head-slap to me" moments, but it seems to have become an epidemic of lazy thinking. Logic 101. Let's add it to the curriculum.... or, better yet, discourse around the supper table! - Beth Almond Ford

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