Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thoughts - October 27, 2016

“You can disagree with another person's opinions. You can disagree with their doctrines. You can't disagree with their experience.”
― Krista Tippett, Speaking of Faith.
I seem to be having quite a few different doctrines thrown my way lately - a religious pamphlet in my PO box, a visit to my home by two women of a certain faith wandering my neighborhood, a magazine article featuring Steve Gaskin (of the Farm, in TN). I read it all - sometimes simply shaking my head, occasionally interested enough to do some follow-up on my own, always fascinated at how everyone is so different! How do we all arrive at such different perspectives? Certainly family tradition, often emotional strings being pulled, and, hopefully, through our own prayer and study and meditation. I come from a Methodist background where John Wesley recognized the importance of "experience" in the mix. I learned early on to respect another's experience, even if I could not accept it as my own. These are the stories of folks' lives. - Beth Almond Ford

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