Sunday, October 9, 2016

Thoughts - October 8, 2016

"I wish you would make up your mind, Mr. Dickens. Was it the best of times or was it the worst of times? It could scarcely have been both." New Yorker cartoon caption.
Attitude is everything. I think I understand what Charles Dickens may have been saying. Our hearts can be breaking, yet at the same time friends and family pour out their love and our hearts are full. Tears are flowing....sunsets look brighter. Loneliness is overwhelming....a chat fills the void. The larder is empty....the simple soup tastes so grand. Self pity ......self reflection. Despair....hope. The yin and yang, the dichotomies, the mountains and the valleys, the tears and the laughter, the bests and the worsts. I think I finally see the meaning behind the words: 'in all things, give thanks.' - Beth Almond Ford

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