Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thoughts - November 22, 2016

“I have something that I call my Golden Rule. It goes something like this: 'Do unto others twenty-five percent better than you expect them to do unto you.' … The twenty-five percent is for error.”
― Linus Pauling.
My mother (ever the 4-H'er) was always saying "to make the best better." Obviously Dr. Pauling (winner of two Nobel prizes - Chemistry and Peace), thought the same. As far as I'm concerned, both of those folks were extraordinary and set standards out of reach for most of us. I did say "good-bye, dear" when I hung up on the telemarketer last night...my mother would have asked about her family and if she'd like to come to our church. Dr. Pauling probably would have made sure she was getting all the right nutrients for a well and happy life. How do we go that extra mile, those of us who are not angels, who are trying our best to stay afloat? I try to imagine the other person's journey and what brought our time lines together - be it coincidence or fate. And then I do my best to listen to their stories and understand. My hope is they will do the same. Kindness and empathy, perhaps, are the "better" part! - Beth Almond Ford

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