Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thoughts - November 23, 2016

"The trouble with life isn't that there is no answer,
it's that there are so many answers."
Ruth Benedict.

I remember in my youth making "Pros and Cons" lists about many things, trying to weigh every alternative. Which answer is the right one? For many, it was "reading the Cards," praying for a Sign, letting time make the decision. When my son was choosing his college and then law school, we would have long conversations on the telephone into the night. Which answer, what choice....agony! Once during one of those late night conversations with Taylor, I saw a shooting star, a long spiraling meteor falling from the sky. "O.K., son, Vanderbilt it is...this is as good a sign as any." Now I think of my amazing grandchild as a Falling Star, my gift from the Universe! (a share from another year; so excited to be seeing my Stars today!) - Beth Almond Ford

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