Saturday, November 5, 2016

Thoughts - November 5, 2016

“You will be surprised to find how much that has seemed hopelessly disagreeable possesses either an instructive or an amusing side." from "The Heart of the New Thought" 1902.”
― Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Look for it - the amusing and/or the instructive - in almost every situation. We usually have to put a little time behind us to see the big picture. How do we develop this outlook, a less 'intense' approach to life? First, I think, we need to learn to laugh at ourselves and our foibles. And, with all due respect to others, we need to learn that people are most often doing their best and making choices they deem wise (this is the 'instructive' part more than the amusing....). But most importantly, it is the willingness to zoom in and look for the tiniest of details, the artist's stroke, the piano notes that make up the chord. Here is where the humanity comes through - and, with it, the humor. "Yes, it was a solemn occasion, heavy music, formal clothing, a ceremony of dignity....until Mark dropped his corner of the coffin..." (Okay...can you tell I'm a tad tired this morning?!) - Beth Almond Ford

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