Friday, November 4, 2016

Thoughts - November 4, 2016

“Of all the things a man may do, sleep probably contributes most to keeping him sane. It puts brackets about each day. If you do something foolish or painful today, you get irritated if somebody mentions it, today. If it happened yesterday, though, you can nod or chuckle, as the case may be. You've crossed through nothingness or dream to another island in Time.” 
― Roger Zelazny, Isle of the Dead.

Such a fine observation: simply a time of sleep helps lessen the irritation andembarrassment and possibly anger (and most certainly the 'foolish' feelings) of the previous day's mistakes. I think we have all experienced this phenomenon. Though, I must say, sometimes it takes me a month's worth of sleeps to get over some of the foolish or painful things I've said or done. And why is this important? Because many of us beat ourselves up over things like this and it interferes with living our lives as kind and helpful neighbors. The current phrase 'get over it' sums it up rather abruptly; I like the idea of 'get a good sleep' and 'things will look better in the morning.' Because they do. - Beth Almond Ford

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