Friday, July 15, 2016

Thoughts - July 15, 2016

"The sun was given to all. It does not shine on the few. So, just as nature is indifferent to our station or situation, we need to know that we are all equal. We need to focus on the things that are constant and not place our values on things that can be blown away with the next, great, wind." Carla Jo Masterson
I was thinking 59 was going to be a long, bland year before the abyss of 60, but I celebrated my birthday at The Greenbrier resort yesterday with Taylor and my granddaughter. A first for me, being there. I was feeling guilty after the horrific flooding, but as I chatted with the bowling attendant, the life guard, and our server at dinner, each of them said how grateful they were that guests were now coming again. They shared the devastation and nightmares they and their families had experienced. It made me proud to be a West Virginian. There are many ways to be supportive and listening is one of them. - Beth Almond Ford

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