Sunday, July 31, 2016

Thoughts - July 31, 2016

“Get busy living or get busy dying.....there ain't nothing inbetween”
― Stephen King, Different Seasons. ( Shawshenk Redemption)
When you hear this quote, what is your first reaction? First, I always think of one of my favorite movies and the novella on which it was based. And then I ask myself all those questions about living that we tend to ask when we allow ourselves some introspection. Am I appreciating the people around me? Do I breathe deeply, smell the flowers, let myself laugh, help someone, consider spirituality, weep at a beautiful poem, become involved in a cause, let myself feel love, let myself give love, stop in my busy steps to admire the art of the natural world? I mentioned at my Tuesday evening spiritual group the other evening that death and grief effect our perception of life. It simply does. It is our reactions, our curiosity, our willingness to get busy living that, perhaps, should be one of our first thoughts each morning. There ain't much in between! - Beth Almond Ford

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