Friday, July 29, 2016

Thoughts - July 29, 2016

"The excursion is the same when you go looking for your sorrow as when you go looking for your joy.”
― Eudora Welty
Attitude. So how much control do we really have over it? Frankly, I think we have a lot. At least on the long excursions. Sorrow and frustrations and fear are real obstacles - yet kindness, trust, and perseverance are real, too. My Mom loved the word Joy, as well as the living of it. She was quick to tell you her "secret" for finding it: Jesus, Others, Yourself. Always in that order. That's where I can get lost on the excursion and mightily mess it up. I doubt the Spirit sometimes, not only relying too much on myself, but not focusing on others. It sometimes takes the humor and wisdom of authors like Eudora Welty to bring joy back to the trip. - Beth Almond Ford

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