Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Episode 24 - Southern Revolutionary War History and Collecting Bookseller Labels

About commemoration: 9/11 and more


Beth's Chautauqua postcards
Beth at Chautauqua
Leslie's Chautauqua Press books

Reynolds Homestead Bus Trips

A Little Sweet...

Types of spindles and how handspinning came to be

Pandamonium Hat
A Little Tart...

Foyles, Charing Cross Road, London

E. S. German Sunday School Book Store, Harrisburg, PA

Collecting bookseller's labels

A Little Unexpected...

The Hornet's Nest by Jimmy Carter
Beth's Hillsborough, North Carolina poscards


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Reverie (small theme)
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Drops of H2O ( The Filtered Water Treatment ) by J.Lang (c) copyright 2012 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: Airtone
Don't Be Scared ft. Christine Autumn by Calling Sister Midnight (c) copyright 2015 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Ft: Klaus Neumaier, Christine Autumn

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