Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thoughts - September 15, 2016

"Champagne was not always regarded as a delightful symbol of celebration. In the seventeenth century champagne was considered a mistake, "the devils wine." And the winemakers of Champagne were not pleased by the presence of bubbles in their wine." The Widow Clicquot, by Tilar J. Jazzed.

I imagine we can all remember a mistake in our lives that turned out to be one of our luckier moments. There are certainly some accidents which changed the world (think penicillin, for one). Some of our favorite foods came about because of mistakes....chocolate chip cookies, Popsicles, cheese puffs and potato chips, corn flakes, even tofu! Being someone who has the knack to get lost in the city, I have discovered places I would never have experienced. I have wandered into the wrong class and met a longtime friend. I bet there are more than a few romances that started by mistake. So..... here's a toast to those things we 'think' we have screwed up in our lives! - Beth Almond Ford

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