Friday, September 16, 2016

Thoughts - September 16, 2016

"Would the boy you were be proud of the man you are?" -Laurence J. Peter, educator and author (16 Sep 1919-1990).
It's funny...I really didn't want to use this quote on this foggy, chilly morning. This is the kind of question that irritates me, for some reason. In my memoir writing classes, I try to avoid questions of what I think of as "regret." What's the point? But the quote wouldn't delete and the word of the day site where I found it kept popping up. Dang. Now I am finding myself asking the question of "little Bethie" and if she is proud of me. She wanted me to be Governor! And then an Ambassador. She never envisioned divorce and financial struggles and shrinking in the limelight. What I do think she might smile and nod approval at is the fine man my son has become, the very cool, smart Grand (whom she would love as a best friend at the age of 12 y.o.), my amazing friends, and the love and devotion that remains with my adult siblings. And, I know for a fact, she wouldn't even notice my housekeeping skills, only wonder why I never got a maid! - Beth Almond Ford

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