Monday, September 26, 2016

Thoughts - September 26, 2016

"Books don't take time away from us," she said. "They give it back. In this age of abstraction, of multitasking, of speed for speed's sake, they reintroduce us to the elegance - and the relief! - of real, tick-tock time." From the novel "Home Safe", by Elizabeth Berg.
When I left the nursing profession a number of years ago, I took off my wrist watch. It was a tool to use often, especially when checking vital signs. It was a "freeing" moment. Yet, there are certainly enough clocks around - just here in my immediate surroundings there are clocks on the radio, the oven, the microwave, the iPad, the cell phone. As certain programs come over the radio waves, I know it is time to hop in the shower, head out the door, pour that last cup of coffee. For most of us, time rules our lives. Perhaps that is what makes those rare days of vacation, the abandoning of clocks, so precious. Whether it is reading, gardening, hiking, exploring, walking on the beach, immersion in a hobby or just sitting on the deck, we discover what the author calls elegant time - a time of contented sighs, deep breaths, dreaming and remembering. Ahhhh, relief! - Beth Almond Ford

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