Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thoughts - January 19, 2017

"People's memories are maybe the fuel they burn to stay alive." -Haruki Murakami, writer (b. 12 Jan 1949)
Sometimes I will look at long ago photographs of my son (who will be 35 y.o. in a few days) and I have to really concentrate on bringing those memories to the reality of today. Or photos of the various houses where I raised him, put him on the school bus, cooked all those meals, took long walks on those roads. I've not forgotten, yet the memories are sometimes like a movie I saw decades ago. And then, like yesterday, I see a young child who tugs on his parents' sleeves a certain way, asks them a question with that look in his eye, walks with a certain firm swagger -- and I'm immediately transported back to real moments. Those are the memories that are fuel, that ignite tears and smiles..that keep the home fires burning. - Beth Almond Ford

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