Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Thoughts - January 4, 2017

“Now listen to me, Buddy: there is only one unpardonable sin - deliberate cruelty. All else can be forgiven. That, never.”
― Truman Capote, The Thanksgiving Visitor.
After hearing these words in a play at the Barter Theatre one evening a few years ago, they have danced around in my mind. I didn't toss and turn in my sleep, but I pondered times I may have been deliberately cruel or been visited by such cruelty. These words were said to a very intelligent 7 y.o. boy who had taken advantage of a hated person's weakness. Buddy was a youngster who took this admonition from his best friend to heart and no doubt they resonated in his mind throughout his life. Let's face it - we have probably all done or said something in our lives, even or especially in our early years, that we would give anything to 'take back'. What we have is today. - Beth Almond Ford

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