Saturday, January 28, 2017

Thoughts - January 28, 2017

“It doesn’t take much to surprise others, but to surprise oneself- now that is a great feat.”
― Kristen Hartley.
As for it being a 'great feat' to surprise one's self, I guess the author of the quote must be talking about giving one's self a surprise party or a wrapped present or a blindfolded trip....since that's quite the feat! However, when I first read this quote (on my first cup of coffee), I thought - "well, B., you surprise yourself all the time....good and great feat there!" I surprise myself sometimes when I get a burst of energy and clean house. I surprise myself when I start working on postcards and realize hours of time have elapsed. I surprise myself when I realize an entire sleeve of Girl Scout cookies have been eaten...and I don't think it was the cat! I surprise myself when I watch a movie and the tears roll down my cheeks. I really surprise myself when I lash out at someone.... I surprise myself when a story unfolds and I know (know!) it wasn't me, even though it was my fingers doing the typing. I surprise myself when _________. You fill in the blanks. We do it most every day, don't we? - Beth Almond Ford

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