Friday, January 27, 2017

Thoughts - January 27, 2017

“Complex things are easy to do. Simplicity's the real challenge.”
― Robert James Waller.
Ah, "Simplicity" was the name of our old VW van during our first year of marriage. Sim was equipped with shelves, a small stove, a bed only newly weds could appreciate, a place to store buckets and the big kettle for heating shower water - and wooden bumpers. Instead of heading off to graduate school as I had planned, we took to the road, earning our living at the thoroughbred race tracks - living a dream, chasing a dream? Attempting to live simply in a complex world. Frankly, I'm not so sure these days that I understand what 'simplicity' really is. Even the dictionary definition in my huge dictionary on the stand goes on for row after row. I do like the one explanation that ends with - '....used to be considered a deficiency, but now considered a merit...' And the equation of simplicity with humbleness. I can live with that. - Beth Almond Ford

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